Progress Post #0089 – No News Today

Had a cool day. No news today, but still, I want to move on with posting a Progress Post per day. Many good and very good thoughts of and about the OFIEway. Some very cool private questions on my mind.

Nights until 5th August 2018: 93

When I Got Up In The Morning:

  • 0900 (after going to bed at 0200);

My weight today in the evening after having dinner, before going to bed:

  • 67.6 kg (149.0325 lbs);

Today’s Tasks Towards My Goals

I am doing my daily routine right now, I already wrote down my Goal, my Why I want to achieve that goal and my definite Plan how to achieve my goal. Also, I already wrote in my Notebook my yearly dream revenue, my monthly dream revenue and my most important facts, I just want to have in my life. I wrote it all in cursive and in the present tense.

How I Look, What I Did & What I Ate Today

No pics of me today.


  • None;

Yoga Session:

  • None;

Today’s Nutrition:

  • Sweets: 3 Red Bull cokes, 1 Kombucha;
  • Vitamins: None;
  • Fruits: None;
  • Proteins: None;

What I Learned Today

It’s very powerful to write down Your Goal, Your Why and Your definite Plan. Awesome and really enjoy doing that.

My Plans For Tomorrow

I am in Germany on the weekend with my band. Not much to no training and even my daily routine will be hard to implement. Still, I will think a lot about the OFIEway.

The Greater Scheme Of Things

If You want change, You have to change. – Kay Winkler