Progress Post #0088 – Coming Closer And Closer To My Goal

I had a very good and funny day in the end. Even though not every minute in the afternoon was pleasing and satisfying with my drum students, I had a lot of fun with my girlfriend in the morning. We are getting somewhere, it seems. Also, I love the thought of having some pressure on becoming tremendously suXessful with the OFIEway, and very soon. I need to make money. A lot of money to live the lifestyle I see for myself.

Nights until 5th August 2018: 94

When I Got Up In The Morning:

  • 0900 (after going to bed at 0200);

My weight today in the evening after having dinner, before going to bed:

  • 68.8 kg (151.678 lbs);

Today’s Tasks Towards My Goals

I made quite some comments on my Wealthy Affiliate profile to catch up with all the people commenting on my profile. It’s just natural to answer comments, if You get one, right?! You cannot expect engagement on Your posts on Wealthy Affiliate, Your website, on Facebook or wherever, if You don’t engage Yourself with others. Also, I am doing my daily suXess routine, which feels good, even though I am quite tired already.

How I Look, What I Did & What I Ate Today

No pics of my today.


  • None;

Yoga Session:

  • None;

Today’s Nutrition:

  • Sweets: 2 Red Bull cokes, 1 Red Bull ginger ale, 1 Knoppers;
  • Vitamins: None;
  • Fruits: fruit joghurt in the morning with 1 apple, 1 orange, blueberries, cashews, chia seeds;
  • Proteins: None;

What I Learned Today

I guess I just ran my future through my head very intensely today, which feels tough, but very good at the same time.

My Plans For Tomorrow

I want to go through some training tomorrow.

The Greater Scheme Of Things

You can get it, if You really want, but You must try. – Kay Winkler