Progress Post #0087 – I Get Used To Creating Content Daily And Feel The Difference Already

I am writing my Progress Posts for almost 3 months now (from February 5th 2018 on) and I have to admit, that I definitely get used to it in a very positive way. I like sitting here in my studio (that’s how I call the room I am sitting, because I have my extra webcam built up, the daylight lamp and my microphone). I am even looking forward to being able to sit in my studio at night to create my pieces of content. My plan fully turns out to be a good one: I feel much more comfortable about writing a blog post and about making videos. I still don’t put very much effort into creating high quality shares, that have much value for anybody but me, but still, I am creating and that in the end is what matters to get Yourself off the ground and start with something.

It’s time to start videos for the OFIEway very soon, I want to put content in my OFIEway Facebook group and just get started. The launch is very near…

Nights until 5th August 2018: 95

When I Got Up In The Morning:

  • 1000 (after going to bed at 0200);

My weight today in the evening after having dinner, before going to bed:

  • 67.8 kg (149.4734 lbs);

Today’s Tasks Towards My Goals

I am doing my daily suXess routine and I like it. I sit here in my studio, writing, enjoying the new outfit on Wealthy Affiliate, which really looks good and is easy to navigate and I will listen to some minutes of The Law Of Success In 16 Lessons after my daily routine. Or does listening to the book also belong to my daily suXess routine now???

How I Look, What I Did & What I Ate Today

No pics again.


  • 1x Daily Mini Workout in the evening at 2130;

Yoga Session:

  • None;

Today’s Nutrition:

  • Sweets: 2 Red Bull cokes, 1 Red Bull bitter lemon, 1 Schwarzwälder Kirsch, 1 Applepie;
  • Vitamins: None;
  • Fruits: None;
  • Proteins: None;

What I Learned Today

I like sitting in my studio, knowing, that Kitti is in the room next door. I know, that getting used to creating content and to doing some routine every day is the key to my suXess, definitely. It feels good.

My Plans For Tomorrow

My daily suXess routine in the evening for sure.

The Greater Scheme Of Things

Getting used to things is not easy,
sometimes it happens without You doing anything.
Choose the habits You want and need to get used to.
– Kay Winkler