Progress Post #0085 – Consume Inspirational Content Daily

I picked up my girlfriend in Munich after coming home from Japan. Really cool welcome and nice, that I have her back in my life. I listened to Napoleon Hill’s audiobook “The Law Of Success In 16 Lessons” and I love it more and more. I started once to listen to this book, but like so often, something just prevents You from moving on with what You truly love… Still, I will continue to consume inspirational content every day, since I feel, that this definitely helps me to keep on track with my endeavors.

Nights until 5th August 2018: 97

When I Got Up In The Morning:

  • 1200 (after going to bed at 0900 – so I only had 3 hours of sleep);

My weight today in the evening after having dinner, before going to bed:

  • 67.3 kg (148.3711 lbs);

Today’s Tasks Towards My Goals

I am doing my daily suXess routine very thoroughly even though I am really tired. But, I will even listen to some more minutes of Napoleon Hill’s book “The Law Of Success In 16 Lessons”.

How I Look, What I Did & What I Ate Today

No pics today again.


  • no workout today;

Yoga Session:

  • no Yoga session today;

Today’s Nutrition:

  • Sweets: 2 Red Bull cokes, 1 Red Bull bitter lemon, 1 Milkslice;
  • Vitamins: None;
  • Fruits: some tomatoes in the evening;
  • Proteins: None;

What I Learned Today

I learned (again), that I want to consume inspirational content regularly, because it feels so good.

My Plans For Tomorrow

We have a holiday here in Austria tomorrow and since Kitti is still sick with her Jet Lag from coming back from Japan, we will just relax and enjoy our holiday. I for sure will listen to some parts of the audiobook again and probably go through some training.

The Greater Scheme Of Things

Life is good, the universe is good,
just take what is rightfully Yours
and always give in return.
– Kay Winkler