Progress Post #0084 – Clean Your Flat And Gain Control Over Your Life

Today, I cleaned my flat a little and I could almost finally resolve some of “my spots”, that are just space wasters and I really have a hard time figuring out, why they emerge in the first place. Also, I had a very good talk again with Danny about the OFIEway and especially about We also did another trial shoot for our pilot episode of “Dee Kay On The OFIEway”. This series will be a lot of fun for us to produce and even more fun for our audience to watch…

Nights until 5th August 2018: 98

When I Got Up In The Morning:

  • 1130 (after going to bed at around 0240);

My weight today in the evening after having dinner, before going to bed:

  • 67.3 kg (148.3711 lbs);

Today’s Tasks Towards My Goals

With the trial shoot of our pilot episode of “Dee Kay On The OFIEway” I did a great deal towards my goal, because this TV station “” and the show really will be some awesome piece of content for the world to watch. We will become famous and popular and we will live our dream.

How I Look, What I Did & What I Ate Today

No pics of me today, again.


  • 1x Daily Mini Work (bootcamp style);
    • 22 – 21 – 21 Pushups & 21 – 22 – 23 Sumosquats;

Yoga Session:

  • None;

Today’s Nutrition:

  • Sweets: 1 Red Bull coke, 3 choco brownies;
  • Vitamins: 1 glass of vitamin juice in the night;
  • Fruits: 2 Kiwis, 1 apple (in the klemPicso);
  • Proteins: 14 protein pills in the night);

What I Learned Today will be a huge hit.

My Plans For Tomorrow

I pick up Kitti from Munich airport and I am so much looking forward to this. Maybe some audio book during driving to Munich.

The Greater Scheme Of Things

Have a plan, refine Your plan every day and write it down, follow Your plan, suXeed. – Kay Winkler