About Kay

Hello and welcome here on AffiliApe.com, a website, that can be Your last stop to creating wealth through launching, growing and maintaining an online business. You think this sound a bit overstated? Weeeell, that’s maybe Your opinion. Only I can know, what I have for You, right?

Kay’s Story & Why This Guy Matters

Born in February 1979, I started to show interest in all kinds of stuff, that was a little different from the rest. It satisfied me being different and not running with the crowd too much. I was no lonely kid, but I always had my own views and I always defended my uniqueness whenever it was necessary to do so.

In my early years, it happened not only once, that people saw some similarity to my father, when they looked at me. Unfortunately for my father, and I honestly don’t know how I would react if it happened to me as a father, I started to cry. I told these people, that I am unique and that I wanted to be seen like that. I don’t wanted to be seen like my father or any other guy. My father was and is an okay guy, just to clear that, though.

The Education – My Heart Belongs To Music

My parents always did their best to enable a highly versatile education in many different areas, so it was no wonder, my brothers and I were allowed to learn an instrument besides all the necessary and sometimes boring stuff at school. My oldest brother chose the classical guitar, my older brother chose the French Horn, and I, well, chose the flute at the age of about 6 years, and then at the age of 11, I happened to end up getting tremendously excited learning and playing the drums and different percussion instruments.

In high school at the age of 16, I learned to play the piano for 4 years and during my 3 years of serving as a military orchestra soldier I started to play the trumpet, which took me until 2017, that I could call myself at least some sort of trumpet player, able to toot some melodies, that others won’t find deeply disgraceful.

Military & Driving School – My Playground

After my time at the military orchestra in Austria, I worked as a driving teacher and soon, I started to study the law in Salzburg. I was quite interested in the topic, but I never saw myself as a person actually practicing what I learned at university, so I didn’t really push through to finish my studies.

Fast forward to reaching the age of 31, so after 8 years (16 semesters!!!) of more or less diligent university time and holding driving classes at the driving school, I found myself at the end of a 3-year-relationship with my girlfriend. I realized, that this felt like the end of my life, but despite my attraction to alcohol and doing party many times, smoking cigarettes and just not being the healthy guy thinking about the future too much, I came to doing sports at the gym, stopped drinking alcohol for 3 months completely and I was able, also through my parents’ love and patience, to revive the content in my life and to change course a little.

The Desire For Uniqueness Came Back

It was about that time, that I found out, that being somebody’s slave was definitely not what I wanted. Since I always had a rock band, and since music and playing the drums made me happier than doing any job, and since the Law Of Attraction “heard” my wishes, a friend of mine suggested going to university again, but this time deeply learning how to play the drums and finishing as an approved music instrumental teacher. I did it. I finished my studies at the Vienna Music Institute as an approved Jazz and Popular music drummer and teacher, ready for teaching in Austria’s music schools. Quite cool, still not exactly what I want and need, though.

Personal Development & Walking Differently

Going back again a little and to explain why I initially started looking to earn money from online, I have to thank a guy, that approached me at the age of 23 to come with him and start earning money in the network marketing industry. Although selling insurance contracts never satisfied me at all, and although the only person I was able to sell a contract to was my own brother (what I still regret up to date), it ignited the spark that going a different path could be what I needed in my life. I started attending company events and self-awareness, personal development and the desire to negate conventional society dogmas.

Many network marketing companies later, countless nightmare experiences of feeling weak and not being able to sell to others, even if it should be one of the most natural tasks in the world, I saw the internet growing stronger and stronger. Facebook emerged and opened a whole new world of getting in contact with strange people, but people that show an interested in what You have to bring to the table. The term “social media prospecting” shaped my understanding of doing business online.

What I Have Today

Besides being a fulltime drummer for about 6 years now, besides having “invested” literally thousands of Dollars and Euros into information products, courses, push-one-button-systems, advertising and on other business-related products, that either brought me nowhere, were outright crap or were good, but I was just not motivated enough to follow through the set-up process and the training to earn money finally, I found out, that I cannot just follow instructions. I just cannot build up some copycat business. I need something that is unique and that PERFECTLY meets my understand of ethics and moral.

Here we are. I have my own website, that – among other assets – will be the place to teach and coach others, to inform how I found and find my way through the online jungle of shiny objects and the desire to be different from the rest, all and everything by providing myself with the chance to earn a living.

People NEED To Get The Right Information

Way too many people want to help others. Way too many scammers are only after earning a quick buck and ON THE BACK of others rather than building a sustainable online business, that has the potential to last for a long time. You need to perceive an online business as what it is: First and foremost, it is a business. My business model helps people raise some funds, build a fundamental and most importantly, BRAND You as a person and as an entrepreneur.

What I Want From You, My Fellow Visitor

AffiliApe.com will grow to an authority website and a place to clear the dust in the online marketing world. Through OFIEway (a part of my enterprises) everybody will be able to already earn, while they still learn. That’s not just a nice saying. OFIE stands for Online Fulltime Income Earner and the name is program.

An online business needs to be PECCI:

  • P >>> Powerful in terms of earning and life changing potential;
  • E >>> Easy to set up and to follow through;
  • C >>> Clear in its core and structure;
  • C >>> Concisely explainable and learnable;
  • I >>> Independent from most circumstances;

All the best, take care, stay tuned & stay freshest!

Kay Winkler
CEO of AffiliApe.com & OFIEway